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Site Name: Lake Ndutu

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Site Type: open air

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Discovery Year: 1972

First Description: Clark 1976

Chronological Abstract: Lake Ndutu, together with the adjacent Lake Masek, is geomorphologically a continuation of the Olduvai Pleistocene deposits. The names of both lakes have been used to designate the upper parts of the Olduvai Sequence - the Ndutu and Masek Beds (formerly bed V and bed IVB, respectively); both are soda lakes.





Country: Tanzania

General Location Description: At the edge of the Serengeti, west of the Oldovai Gorge,Tanzania.


Latitude (WGS84): 3.033° S

Longitude (WGS84): 35.049° E


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Bibliography: Rightmire 1983; Mturi 1976

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Ndutu Beds (400 000 to 32 000 years ago)