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Version: 5

3D Software

NESPOS provides an integrated 3D visual simulation and collaborative rendering engine, the VisiCore Suite. The VisiCore Suite allows a unique all-embracing visualisation and annotation tool-set covering the scientific workflow from the topography of an excavation campaign to the morphometric exploration of a single fossils or artefact.

The Artefact Exploration and Collaboration Rendering Engine provides a toolset of real-time 2D and 3D visualisation routines for the examination of the remains´ virtual high resolution-representations without touching and damaging the originals.

The Geofact Mapping and Rendering Engine provides a mapbased geo information system for presenting, exploring, and editing of archaeological excavation data in realtime 3D perspective.
The VisiCore Suite only can be downloaded as a license holder.
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1GHz Pentium III
512 MB RAM
nVidia Geforce 2 or ATI Radeon with OpenGL driver and 64 MB RAM

CPU with 2GHz or better
nVidia Geforce FX 6600 with 256 MB RAM or better

VisiCore Suite has been designed for Windows XP,
but it can be also used with Windows 7, but there are still some bug reports from different users. The best way to run the program under Windows 7 is the "Virtual PC Windows XP Mode". You can find an easy guide for installing here. Otherwise you can directly install the suite under Windows 7, but this will get you a higher probability for getting an error.

Working with VisiCore

VisiCore User Manual

ArteCore Tutorial "How to..."
GeoCore Tutorial "How to create an own site"

Other recommended Open-Source Software

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