Version: 6

Basic Rules

For citing sources in text fields and Wiki-pages as well as for the display names of bib-items (see FR BibItem_shortcut), we should come to an agreement regarding the format. Our suggestions following academic standards:

1 author: name_year

2 authors: name1,_name2_year

3 authors: name1,_name2,_name3_year

4 and more authors: name1_et_al._year

same for editors + adding (ed.) and (eds.): name_(ed.)_year ...(e.g. Bergmann, Kegler (eds.))
When "aristocratic" names are cited, the addition (de, von, zu ...) should be part of the surname as well (e.g. von Berg 2001).

If these short citations are not unique, letters should be added to the year (e.g. Kegler 2003b).

Additional rules for text fields and Wiki-pages

(not relevant for the display names of bib-items)

citing page numbers: year:_number and accordingly year:_number1-number2 (e.g. Kegler 2004: 3-5)

citing more than one source of the same author: name_year1,_year2 (e.g. Bergmann 2003, 2004)

citing several sources of different authors: name_year;_name_year (e.g. Bergmann 2003; Kegler 2003)