General Information

Type: Ochtendung 1997 - discoid core n° 2


First Description: von Berg 1997b

Repository: Abt. Archäologische Denkmalpflege Koblenz, Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Rheinland-Pfalz

Property Status:

Copyright Holder(s): Axel von Berg

Curator(s): Axel von Berg

Cultural Attribution: no cultural attribution

Geochronological Attribution:



Classification: tool

Other Classification:

Raw Material: stone

Preservation: complete

Additional Preservation:


Age Determination

Dating Abstract: "Based on absolute dating (Amino-Acid-Isoleucine) in combination with geological dating it can be securely placed into the early stage of the second last Ice Age, the Saale-Glaciation, at about 160 000 to 170 000 years B.P." (Flohr, Protsch & Berg 2004: 2).

Dating Association: Associated absolute dating

Dating Analysis: Ochtendung 1997, Fra Cal-A a-21




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Bibliography: von Berg 1997b

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Additional Content

Features used for the subtype determination: oval core, reduction unifacial, regular, and alternating
Typological Identification: discoid core
Function: flake production
Description: length: 5.5cm, width: 4.0cm; oval, exhausted core; reduction unifacial, regular, and alternating
Additional information: Raw material (Tertiary) quartzite is found in local surface gravels of the olithic pebble terraces of the Pleistocene.



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