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Name: Předmostí Ia - general stratigraphy

Stratigraphical Sequence: General section

Sedimentological Constitution: The Gravettian cultural complex is located in the subsoil (OIS 3). The stratigraphy is not clear-cut. Maška (1894) first distinguished two basic cultural layers, with loess interlayer between. However, some bones and artefacts lay below these layers. Svoboda (2008) suggests the following chronological interpretation: The upper layer reflects the Upper Gravettian (Willendorf-Kostienki stage) and contained dispersed artefacts. The main and the lower layer both contained assemblages of bones and artefacts conserved in situ. The main layer can clearly be assigned to the Evolved Pavlovian stage and contained the majority of the anthropological remains. The situation in the lower layer is more complex and open to interpretation. Holocene deposits are underlain by yellow-brownish loess with inclusions of niveoeolian sediments (OIS 2) (Farbstein & Svoboda 2007; Svoboda 2008).

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Bibliography: Svoboda 2008 

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