General Information

Name: S5

Synonym Name(s): La Chaise 13

First Description: David 1951

Repository: Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Angoulême

Property Status: Ville d'Angoulême

Copyright Holder(s): Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Angoulême

Curator(s): Jean-Francois Tournepiche

Cultural Attribution: unknown

Geochronological Attribution:


Taxon / Sex / Age Group

Taxon: Neanderthal

Sex: Undefined

Age Group: adult (20yrs or more)




Pathology / Preservation


Pathology Bibliography:

Preserved Skeletal Party: mandible with incomplete dentition M1

Laterality: left

Polarity: lower

Preservation: fragmentary

Preservation Details:

Human Activity:

Carnivore Activity:


Age Determination

Dating Abstract: This remains comes from the layer VI, attributed to the Riss III

Dating Association: Relative Dating

Dating Analysis:




X Coordinate:

Y Coordinate:

Z Coordinate:

Unit: m


Linked Files / Pages

Data Type:

Collection Item(s):


David 1951

Legoux 1966a

Teilhol 2001

Tillier, Genet-Varcin 1980

Multimedia Files:


SRmicroCT_S5, info

Linked Pages:

France - Neanderthal



Additional Content

It's a mandible with the left portion of the horizontal branch with the two deciduous molars. The horizontal branch is broken at the socket containing the germ of the first permanent molar. It's joints with S10, forming the mandibule S5-S10. But actually, only the first permanent molar is present. Only molds are available for the mandible. Metrics (formerly Measures) Available in [udpdata:Tillier, Genet\-Varcin 1980]



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