General Information

Name: S14_3

Synonym Name(s): La Ch. 14

First Description: David, Piveteau 1953

Repository: Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Angoulême

Property Status: Ville d'Angoulême

Copyright Holder(s): Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Angoulême

Curator(s): Jean-Francois Tournepiche

Cultural Attribution:

Geochronological Attribution:


Taxon / Sex / Age Group

Taxon: Neanderthal

Sex: Undefined

Age Group: adult (20yrs or more)




Pathology / Preservation


Pathology Bibliography:

Preserved Skeletal Party: deciduous incisor di2

Laterality: right

Polarity: lower

Preservation: complete

Preservation Details: Juts a little bit part of the apex is missing

Human Activity:

Carnivore Activity:


Age Determination

Dating Abstract: This layer have been dated from Riss III by André Debénath (1974)

Dating Association: Relative Dating

Dating Analysis:




X Coordinate:

Y Coordinate:

Z Coordinate:

Unit: m


Linked Files / Pages

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Collection Item(s):


Teilhol 2001

Tillier, Genet-Varcin 1980

David, Piveteau 1953

Multimedia Files:

SRmicroCT_S14_3, info


Linked Pages:

France - Neanderthal



Additional Content

This tooth belongs to a set of eight teeth of a neandertalian child. * [udpdata:S14\_1a] : a lower right deciduous first molar * [udpdata:S14\_1b] : a lower right third premolar (germ) * [udpdata:S14\_2] : a lower right deciduous central incisor * S14_4 : a lower left deciduous first molar * S14_5 : a lower right deciduous second molar * S14_6 : a lower left third premolar (germ) * S14_7 : a lower right permanent first molar Metrics (formerly Measures) Available in [udpdata:Tillier, Genet\-Varcin 1980]



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