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Poster Presentations
Hugo Obermaier Tagung 2013
Vienna, Natural History Museum
April 2th till 6th 2013

Poster Baines 2013
Distinctions between Upper and Epi Palaeolithic
plant assemblages of Southwestern Iran

Poster Beye et al 2013
Neandertaler an der Mittelelbe? Mittelpaläolithische Funde aus Barleben,
Ldkr. Börde, und Gübs, Jerichower Land

Poster Fogliazza, Peresani 2013
Amazing Neanderthal. A view from the country of fashion

Poster Fogliazza et al 2013
An unexpected Discovery: The Middle Gravettian Site of Piovesello, Italy

Poster Hussain, Floss 2013
Upper Paleolithic rivers in focus: the role of fluvial regimes
in the construction of social space

Poster Münzel et al 2013
The Magdalenian Fauna from Hohle Fels near Schelklingen,
Swabian Jura - first insights

Poster Reiter 2013
Felsgesteinabschläge aus der Steinbeilproduktion

Poster Soldatova 2013
Typological and technological analysis Upper Paleolithic bone tools
from the Sungir site, Russia

Poster Tafelmaier 2013
Regional Variability in the Early Upper Palaeolithic of the Iberian Peninsula

Poster Thomas, Ziehaus 2013
Spatial patterns of distinct Raw Material Units (RMU) around hearth 1 of the Gravettian site of Krems -
Wachtberg (Lower Austria) - The importance of high resolution raw material attribution

Poster Zhitenev 2013
The new research results of Upper Paleolithic human activity
in the Kapova and Ignatievskaya caves with wall paintings
(the Southern Urals, Russia)