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Poster Presentations
Hugo Obermaier Tagung 2013
Vienna, Natural History Museum
April 2th till 6th 2013

Poster Baines 2013
Distinctions between Upper and Epi Palaeolithic plant assemblages of Southwestern Iran
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0001

Poster Beye et al 2013
Neandertaler an der Mittelelbe? Mittelpaläolithische Funde aus Barleben, Ldkr. Börde, und Gübs, Jerichower Land
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0002

Poster Fogliazza & Peresani 2013
Amazing Neanderthal. A view from the country of fashion
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0003

Poster Fogliazza et al 2013
An unexpected Discovery: The Middle Gravettian Site of Piovesello, Italy
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0004

Poster Hussain & Floss 2013
Upper Paleolithic rivers in focus: the role of fluvial regimes in the construction of social space
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0005

Poster Münzel et al 2013
The Magdalenian Fauna from Hohle Fels near Schelklingen, Swabian Jura - first insights
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0006

Poster Reiter 2013
Felsgesteinabschläge aus der Steinbeilproduktion
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0007

Poster Soldatova 2013
Typological and technological analysis Upper Paleolithic bone tools from the Sungir site, Russia
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0008

Poster Tafelmaier 2013
Regional Variability in the Early Upper Palaeolithic of the Iberian Peninsula
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0009

Poster Thomas & Ziehaus 2013
Spatial patterns of distinct Raw Material Units (RMU) around hearth 1 of the Gravettian site of Krems -
Wachtberg (Lower Austria) - The importance of high resolution raw material attribution
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0010

Poster Zhitenev 2013
The new research results of Upper Paleolithic human activity in the Kapova and Ignatievskaya caves with
wall paintings (the Southern Urals, Russia)
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0011

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