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Here you will find manuals and documents for the successful use of NESPOS and VISICORE.

h3. !nesposlogosmall.jpg!

h3. Manuals

* [Your just logged in for the first time? Download the "Next Steps Manual"|^Next Steps.pdf]
* [NESPOS User Manual]

*Special Issues*
* [You want to import Bibtex-files in NESPOS? Try this way...|^bibtex workflow.pdf]
* [BIBTeX Types]
* [Uploading Data via FTP]

!How to create a site small.jpg|thumbnail!
How to create a site for the NESPOS Public Space

h3. Naming Rules and Conventions

* [Naming rules for NESPOS Objects]
* [Citation Rules]

h3. Definition of Age Groups in NESPOS

* [Definiton of Age Groups]

h3. Frenquently Asked Questions (FAQ)


h3. !visicorelogosmall.jpg!

h3. Manuals

* [User Manuals for ArteCore and GeoCore|VisiCore User Manuals]
* [The "How To Do" ArteCore Users Manual|]
* [GeoCore Workflow - How to create an own site|^Geocore Workbook.pdf]

h3. Software Requirements
Designed for Windows XP

h3. Hardware Requirements
* 1GHz Pentium III
* 512 MB RAM
* nVidia Geforce 2 or ATI Radeon with OpenGL driver and 64 MB RAM

* CPU with 2GHz or better
* 2 GB RAM
* nVidia Geforce FX 6600 with 256 MB RAM or better

* The VisiCore suite can be also used with Windows 7, but there are still some bug reports, that reaching us from different users. 
  The best way to run the program under Windows 7 is the "Virtual PC Windows XP Mode". You can find an easy guide for installing  [here|]. Otherwise you can directly install the suite under Windows 7, but this will get you a higher probability fot getting an error. 

h3. What is a via-file?

Essentially, VISICORE archives are simply zip files with a .via extension. So you can easy rename the .via extension into zip, extract the data and work with the TIFF-files. The via files contain the actual image or 3d data files and an xml description of the metadata involved. This xml description file is called MANIFEST.xml and specifies data such as unit size and dimensions. In addition, it contains a reference to the actual data files.