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DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0049


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*Poster Presentations*
*Hugo Obermaier Tagung 2014*
Braunschweig, Landesmuseum
April 22th till 26th 2014
*[Poster Bigga 2014]*
Der Mensch lebt nicht vom Pferd allein... Die Vegetation von Schöningen 13II-4 und ihre 
Nutzbarkeit als Nahrungsquelle.
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0042

*[Poster Brenner et al 2014]*
High resolution spatial analysis of Middle Stone Age assemblages from Sibudu Cave, South Africa
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0043

*[Poster Döppes et al 2014]*
The Rübeland Caves, two Palaeolithic cave sites in the Harz Mountains (Saxony-Anhalt) - 
new chronological analyses at the faunal remains.
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0041

*[Poster Pyzewicz & Wisniewski 2014]*
Biographies of the Magdalenien lithic tools from Klementowice.
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0048

*[Poster Steguweit & Kahlke 2014]*
Cut Marks and other Indication: Archaeologist´s Imagination, Experimental Approach and the Pleistocene 
Site of Untermassfeld (Central Germany).
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0044

*[Poster Wisniewski 2014]*
Magdalenien in eastern Poland - new data from Klementowice.
DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0049

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