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NESPOS Workshops

The NESPOS team is offering external workshops on demand in scientific institutions in Europe.

You can choose from three gratis workshop modules:


Module I - Presentation

A lecture of between one to two hours provides you with a seminal summary of the potential offered by NESPOS. For this Module we only need a video beamer and a screen.

Module II - The 'Quicky'

This is a one day course (8 hours). You will be given a general introduction to the basics of NESPOS. Participants will be instantly acquainted with the practical handling of the database. This has the advantage that basic skills can be learned and any questions which may arise answered directly at the terminal. A prerequisite for this module you can see in the following Figure.

Module III - Comprehensive

This module comprises the entire 'Quicky' syllabus, but also provides the opportunity for more in depth consideration of many areas. Additionally, we provide an introduction to the VisiCore software The duration for this module is two days (2 x 8 hours). Study materials for modules II and III are provided free of charge.



  • groups of 3-15 persons

  • seminar room

  • video projector and screen

  • computer for each participant or enough to cluster groups of 2 persons