Poster Presentations 

Paleoanthropology Society Annual Meeting 2012

Memphis, Tennessee, Marriott Memphis Downtown Hotel

April 17th till 18th 2012


Poster Benedetti et al. 2012

The Caldas da Rainha Geosol: a stratigraphic marker for the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in Central Portugal

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0012


Poster Boyd 2012

Analysis of the Laetoli Trackway: New Interpretations.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0013


Poster Brophy 2012

A reconstruction of the habitat mosaic associated with Australopithecus robustus.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0014


Poster Burke & Heynes 2012

Modeling the scavenging landscape: Using carcass utilization to interpret zooarchaeological assemblages.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0015


Poster Davis 2012

Born to be wide: The evolutionary significance of covariation among traits related to body breadth in modern humans.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0016


Poster Duke 2012

An Academic Knapping Community: Placing Experimental Knapping in its Social Context.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0017


Poster Estalrrich et al. 2012

Evidence for non-foraging sexual division of labor in Neandertals from the El Sidrón site (Asturias, Spain).

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0018


Poster Évora 2012

How many different ways do you have to change a bone into an utensil.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0019


Poster Ferraro et al. 2012

Early and Middle Pleistocene paleoanthropological discoveries in the Chalbi Basin, northern Kenya.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0020


Poster Gonçalves et al. 2012

Preliminary spatial density analysis in the Upper Paleolithic rockshelter of Vale Boi (southern Portugal)

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0021


Poster Haws et al. 2012

Land, sea and ice: linking local sedimentary records of environmental change from Paleolithic archaeological sites in Portugal to regional and global paleoclimatic records from deep-sea and ice cores.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0022


Poster Huffman et al. 2012

A 'black hole' in Southeast Asian Homo erectus biogeography.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0023


Poster Hunstiger & Feinberg 2012

Analysis of Dorsal Scars in 3D on Middle Paleolithic Debitage.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0024


Poster Hutson & Brink 2012

The Faunal Remains from Bundu Farm and Pniel 6, Northern Cape, South Africa.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0025


Poster Jenkins et al. 2012

New Excavations of a Late Pleistocene Bonebed and Associated MSA Artifacts Rusinga Island, Kenya.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0026


Poster Macintosh 2012

The assessment of the cortex model in accordance with an Epipaleolithic assemblage.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0027


Poster Marreiros et al. 2012

The Vincentine points from the Early Gravettian of Vale Boi (Portugal): technological and use-wear analysis.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0028


Poster Miller 2012

Ostrich Eggshell Beads from Mlambalasi, Tanzania and their Application to Modern Human Origins Research.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0029


Poster Pereira et al. 2012

Differences in raw material management by Neandertals and modern humans in Southwest Iberia.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0030


Poster Ranhorn & Brooks 2012

Quantifying Symmetry in the Middle Stone Age/Middle Paleolithic with Flip Test and Elliptic Fourier Analysis.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0031


Poster Schmidt & Cascalheira 2012

Variability among Solutrean "Parpalló Points" from Portugal and Spain.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0032


Poster Slater 2012

Microwear Analysis of Kenyan Middle Stone Age Obsidian Artifacts from Marmonet Drift (GtJi15): A Functional Evaluation.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0033


Poster Weniger et al. 2012

Late Pleistocene human occupation of Northwest Africa: A crosscheck of chronology and climate change in Morocco.

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0034