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General Information

Name: Vogelherd - general stratigraphy

Stratigraphical Sequence: General section

Sedimentological Constitution: Fine to coarse limestone detritus with brown humus resp. fine-yellow sediments.

General Stratigraphy:

Cultural Attribution
IIUpper Palaeolithic: Magdalenian
IIIUpper Palaeolithic: Magdalenian
IVUpper Palaeolithic: Aurignacian
VUpper Palaeolithic: Aurignacian
VIMiddle Palaeolithic: Mousterian
VIIMiddle Palaeolithic: Mousterian
VIIIMiddle Palaeolithic: Mousterian with Micoquian option (MMO)
IXMiddle Palaeolithic

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Bibliography: Conard, Grootes & Smith 2004a; Bosinski 1967a, 1967b 

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