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Name: Tabun - general stratigraphy

Stratigraphical Sequence: General section

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General Stratigraphy:

Cultural Attribution
BMiddle Palaeolithic: Levallois-Mousterian
CMiddle Palaeolithic: Levallois-Mousterian
EMiddle Palaeolithic: Mousterian
FMiddle Palaeolithic
GMiddle Palaeolithic

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Bibliography: Bordes 1984 

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The very young date provided by Schwarcz et al. has been criticised by several authors (Millard & Pike 1999; Alperson et al. 2000). In contrast to this, the recent ESR-dates of Grün and Stringer (2000) confirm an age of more than 100 000 BP, which supports the assumption that Neanderthals and modern humans co-existed in the Near East.