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Name: Rochelot 1995 - niveau d1

Sediment: Bones with stones and intersticial sediment with silt, sand and calcareous gravel.

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Age Determination

Dating Abstract: This layer is dated from the beginning of the Würm (Würm I).

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Bibliography: Tournepiche & Couture 1999

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Details to this Layer: This layer is the same observed in the first passageway of the cave (Rochelot 1993-1994 - niveau d1). But in this room, so behind the bend in the corridor, the sediment is loaded with minute, pulverised splinters of bone which give the a whitish tint to the accumulation. Beyond this point, the surface of the deposit is exposed to the air. The distribution of the bones, which are covered with tiny calcareous concretions, implies that they were not disturbed after deposition. There are clay deposits and stalagmite floors covering the level in places. This paleosurface, which resembles thoses recorded in Guattari cave (Pipeerno 1976), has not yet been investigated  (Tournepiche & Couture 1999).