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Name: Regourdou - layer 4

Sediment: Sandy layer

Cultural Attribution: unknown

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Age Determination

Dating Abstract: According to Bonifay (1964) the layer 4 belongs to OIS 4 and Wüm I or beginning of the Würm I/II. But Delpech (1996) attribute this layer to the second half part of the OIS 5.

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Bibliography: Bonifay 1964; Vandermeersch, Bonifay 1962

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This is the only layer looking like a temporary habitat in the cave. Ashes are mixed with sand and charcoal, as numbered burnt pebbles. It has been divided into two sublayers, 4a and 4b (Bonifay 1964). Layer 4a: grey sand, ashy with some big charcoals Layer 4b: blackish sand, ashy, with charcoals and fragments of burnt bone