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Name: Regourdou - general stratigraphy

Stratigraphical Sequence: general section

Sedimentological Constitution: It corresponds principally to sands

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Bibliography:  Piveteau 1963; Bonifay 1964

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|Stratigraphy of the Regourdou cave. Longitudinal section. (ch: _funnel_ permitting access in the cave during Würm I and Würm II. Fig 1. in Bonifay, 1964| |Stratigraphy of the Regourdou cave. Perpendicular section to the figure 1. Fig 2. in Bonifay (1964) According to Piveteau (1963) and Bonifay (1964) the layer 2, with a high proportion of _Rangider tarandus_ corresponds to a cold period like the Würm II. Bonifay (1964) correlated the layer 3 with Würm I/II interstadial and more generally, the layers 3-8 with the early portion of the last glacial (Würm I and I/II). (Trinkaus, Vandermeersch 1995) agree with Bonifay and correlate level 2 with early OIS 3, level 3-8 to OIS 4 and layer R (Riss) to OIS 6. According to Delpech (1996), the layer 2 is correlated with OIS 4 and the layer 4 to the second half part of the OIS 5.