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Name: Předmostí I - human remain assemblage

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A fire during the Second World War did irreparable damage to the skeletal material found in Předmostí. Only scattered documentation was available for many decades, until original photographic documentation on glass plates was discovered in the Department of Anthropology and Human Genetics at Charles University in Prag (Velemínská et al. 2003). The former location of the human remains found in the Předmostí area is not completely documented. A number of researchers excavated in the Předmostí area between 1880 and 2006. Palaeoanthropological finds were made by Wankel in 1884, Maška in 1894, Křiž in 1895 and Absolon in 1928 and maybe 1930. Wankel left only a verbal description, Maška an unillustrated diary and some other material, Křiž an illustrated publication including a map, and Absolon a verbal description and a map (Svoboda 2008). Svoboda attempted a general reconstruction of the situation, taphonomy, and final plan of the burial area and its surroundings (Svoboda 2001, 2008).