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Name: Ochtendung 4 - lithic assemblage

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Repository: Abt. Archäologische Denkmalpflege Koblenz, Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Rheinland-Pfalz

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Curator(s): Axel von Berg

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Dating Abstract: With geological dating probably early stage of the second last Ice Age, the Saale-Glaciation.

Dating Association: Relative Dating

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Bibliography: Justus 2000

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The artefact assemblage consist in few quartz artefacts (n=28), quartz pebbles (n=27) and slate debris. The quartz artefacts are flakes (n=6), chips (n=8), and angular debris (n=14). There are two types of quartz raw material.
Modified (n=3) and unmodified (n=3) flakes are worked on homogenous, transparent crystalline quartz. Technological analysis shows, that they belong to middle and advanced states of complex pebble-core-reduction (platform remnants, dorsal cortex and negatives). Only one modified flake is intact (Abb. 8, 4), the other two are basal fragments.
The chips and debris arew on poorer raw material, i.e. milky, inhomogeneous quartz. Refittings of 2 chips and 1 angular debris about a distance of 4 meters show its usage pattern.
Cores and hammerstones are absent, as well as flakes with 100% dorsal cortex, i.e. no local artefact production can be observed. The tools on local raw material were imported and used at the site.