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Name: Ochtendung 1993 - archaeological feature

Type: evident settlement structure, boulder structure


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Bibliography: von Berg 2003

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Archaeological feature: In the 1993 excavation of 100m², a stone-artefact and bone concentration in the center of the mould could be documented. The concentration was locally confined. Among the scattered lava boulders some seem to have been artificially arranged in a regular circular shape. Partially they were piled-up in two layers. This might be the base of a tent-like dwelling structure (von Berg 2003: 53).
The ground plan was slightly oval, and in the southern portion it is interrupted, possibly an entrance of 1.20m width. The construction was 5m long and 3.50m wide and covered 6.50 - 7m². Erosion was minimal and it lay in the same level as the concentration of stone-artefacts and bones.
Inside the structure were few bone fragments and three quartz-artefacts. Most of the animal bones lay at the outer border of the ring, while the artefacts concentrated at the southern interrupted zone.

Archaeological interpretation: Possibly the structure represents the base of a tent-like dwelling structure of a short-term huntig camp (von Berg 2003: 56).
Boulder structure (von Berg 2003: Abb.5).