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Excavation Name: Ochtendung - excavation 1997

Assigned Excavator(s): Axel von Berg

Date of Excavation: 1997

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Part of the site excavated: The site has been discovered 1997, about a distance of 200m from the two excavations in the "Wannenvulkan" (1987 and 1993) Ochtendung.
Three fragments of a calotte of a Neanderthal (Ochtendung 1), in association with three stone artefacts (Ochtendung 1997, artefacts) were found by Axel von Berg. The finds were located in a package of loess-sediments from the original infill of a crater, which was unfortunately not in situ, but recently displaced by industrial lava mining activities. The archaeological remains can be stratigraphically and absolutely chronologically placed within the early glacial phase second last glaciation, the Saale (Flohr, Protsch & Berg 2004).