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Excavation Name: Ochtendung - excavation 1993

Assigned Excavator(s): Axel von Berg

Date of Excavation: 1993

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Bibliography: von Berg 2003

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Part of the site excavated: The excavation is located in a distance of about 200m from Ochtendung 1986-1990. It was discovered 1993, while the southern area of the volcano cone "Wannenvulkan" started to be exploited. At the wall, a long-oval mould filled with loess-sediments from the penultimate glacial period was cut. The mould was 45m long, 28m wide, and 18m deep. At the base the sediments were accumulated with erosive detritus from the slope to a hight of 8m. In the transitional zone to the above-lying homogeneous loess, in the center of the mould, an artefact concentration could be documented (see Ochtendung 1993 artefact assemblage). 100 m² could be excavated by the Archäologische Denkmalpflege Koblenz.
The stone-artefact and bone concentration (see Ochtendung 1993 fauna assemblage) was locally confined. Among the scattered lava boulders some seem to have been artificially arranged in a regular circular shape. Possibly it is the base of a tent-like dwelling structure of a short-term huntig camp. (von Berg 2003: 56)
(see Ochtendung 1993 archaeological feature) (von Berg 2003: Abb. 1).