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Excavation Name: Neandertal - excavation 1997

Assigned Excavator(s): Ralf W. Schmitz, Jürgen Thissen

Date of Excavation: 1997

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The excavation was conducted by the Rheinisches Amt für Bodendenkmalpflege. This excavation led to "the discovery that the base of the south valley wall was left intact, and cave sediments were located adjacent to this remnant. Excavation of these deposits resulted in the recovery of Paleolithic artifacts, Pleistocene faunal remains, and some 24 fragments of human bone from the clay sediments on the valley side of the remnant. That these must at least in part represent remains from the Kleine Feldhofer Grotte was confirmed when a small piece of human bone (NN 13) was found to fit exactly onto the lateral side of the left lateral femoral condyle of Neandertal 1." (Schmitz et al. 2002: 13343). However, a second and larger cave, the "Feldhofer Kirche", only a few meters away from the Feldhofer Grotte, was also destroyed by the limestone quarry in 1856. The sediments of both caves have been found mixed with each other during the excavation in 1997. So the fragments that do not obviously belong to Neandertal 1 cannot certainly be attributed to the Feldhofer Grotte (from Schmitz 2003).