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Name: Neandertal - NN 6

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Repository: Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn

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Taxon / Sex / Age Group

Taxon: Neanderthal

Sex: Undefined

Age Group: adult (20y or more)




Pathology / Preservation


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Preserved Skeletal Party: postcranial fragment humerus

Laterality: unknown

Polarity: -

Preservation: fragmentary

Preservation Details: curved surface of articular bone = fragment of humeral head

Human Activity: no signs

Carnivore Activity: no


Age Determination

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Dating Association: Relative Dating

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Data Type: 6-Faces-Models

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Bibliography: Schmitz & Thissen 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000; Schmitz 2003; Smith et al. 2006

Multimedia Files: 6F Neanderthal NN6

Linked Pages: Germany - Neanderthal



Additional Content

Maximum dimensions 41.1 × 34mm. Specimen extends 21.8mm into cancellous bone of internal surface of the head. No additional observable morphology and no indication of pathology.
On Neanderthal 1 proximal shaft and head of left humerus is missing - possible that this specimen represents a part of missing portions - also possible that specimen belongs to humerus from another individual, e.g. NN 1 specimen.