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Name: Neandertal - NN 5

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Repository: Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn

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Taxon / Sex / Age Group

Taxon: Neanderthal

Sex: Undefined

Age Group: adult (20y or more)




Pathology / Preservation


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Preserved Skeletal Party: postcranial fragment tibia

Laterality: right

Polarity: proximal

Preservation: fragmentary

Preservation Details: ventral shaft with tibial tuberosity and anterior margin

Human Activity: no signs

Carnivore Activity: no


Age Determination

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Dating Association: Relative Dating

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Data Type: 6-Faces-Models

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Bibliography: Schmitz & Thissen 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000; Schmitz 2003; Smith et al. 2006

Multimedia Files: 6F Neanderthal NN5

Linked Pages: Germany - Neanderthal



Additional Content

NN 5/48: proximal diaphysis and partial metaphysis of right tibia; portions of anterior right tibia located proximally to NN 4/23
NN 5: Metaphyseal region around tibial tuberosity. Proximal-distal diameter: 89.9mm, maximum medial-lateral breadth: 33.2mm
Specimen NN 5 conjoins with NN 48, but due to deposition of matrix in edges of break, tight join is not possible
Tibial tuberosity does not preserve distinct attachment areas for common patellar ligament (because bone surface is broken away)
Immediately lateral to and inferior to tuberosity are slight ridges that merge into anterior crest on proximal part of diaphysis
Shallow portion of cancellous trabeculae adheres to internal aspect of fragment, cancellous bone is impregnated with same matrix that prevents joining of NN 5 and NN 48
NN 5/48 and NN 4/23 possibly from same right tibia (similar bone thickness and extent of development of anterior crest, no duplication of anatomical area), but no point of contact between NN 48 and NN 4 - if from same individual, then segment is missing between them (combined length of all four fragments is 241.9mm)



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