General Information

Name: Neandertal - NN 36

Synonym Name(s):

First Description:

Repository: Neanderthal Museum

Property Status:

Copyright Holder(s): Gerd-Christian Weniger

Curator(s): Bärbel Auffermann

Cultural Attribution: unknown

Geochronological Attribution: Unknown stage


Taxon / Sex / Age Group

Taxon: Neanderthal

Sex: Undefined

Age Group: adult (20y or more)




Pathology / Preservation


Pathology Bibliography:

Preserved Skeletal Party: postcranial fragment innominate

Laterality: right

Polarity: unknown

Preservation: fragmentary

Preservation Details: acetabular portion of Os coxae preserves central, non-articular acetabular fossa or notch but not including obturator foramen rim

Human Activity: no signs

Carnivore Activity: no


Age Determination

Dating Abstract:

Dating Association: Relative Dating

Dating Analysis:




X Coordinate:

Y Coordinate:

Z Coordinate:



Linked Files / Pages

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Bibliography: Schmitz & Thissen 2000; Schmitz 2003; Smith et al. 2006

Multimedia Files: 6F Neanderthal NN36

Linked Pages: Germany - Neanderthal



Additional Content

Maximum dimensions 29.3 x 24.9mm.
Floor of fossa is thin (miminum 2.2mm), but thickens inferiorly into small section of lunate articular surface on the ischium and posteriorly revealing coarse cancellous bone surrounding most of acetabulum.
This specimen may represent the same bone as NN 14, but there are no direct points of contact.



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