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Site Name: Lakonis Cave

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Site Type: cave

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Country: Greece

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South Peloponnese, Mani Peninsula, three kilometres northeast of Gytheion.


Latitude (WGS84): 36,772° N

Longitude (WGS84): 22,569° E

Altitude: 0

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Panagopoulou et al 2004

Harvati, Panagopoulou, Karkanas 2003

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PDF Panagopoulou et al 2004

PDF Harvati et al. 2003

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Greece - Neanderthal


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On the coastal site of Lakonis in the south Peloponnese, three kilometres northeast of Gytheion, traces of habitation were discovered which date back to the Middle Palaeolithic Period. Lakonis consists of a cave and several collapsed karstic formations, desgnates I to V (Harvati 2003). The roof of the four caves was ruined and as a result the anthropogenic layers have been partly sealed. Parts of the stratigraphic sequence are currently below sea level, due to the seasonal rise and fall of the sea, which occurred in the area during the Upper Pleistocene. However, the layers examined have provided material that has enabled researchers to date the use of the caves and determine the lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic sequence. Site 1 has preserved the stratigraphic sequence, reaching 10 metres, and is characterized by a high density of finds. The sites 2c and 4a are also rich in cultural remains. The finds give clear evidence that the five caves at the Lakonis site were used simultaneously during the Middle Palaeolithic, while no evidence excludes the possibility of their use during other Palaeolithic phases.


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