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Site Name: Hohlenstein

Synonym Name(s): Hohlestein, Hohlestein im Lonetal

Site Type: cave

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Discovery Year: 1862

First Description: Fraas 1862

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Country: Germany

General Location Description: Baden-Wuerttemberg, Alb-Donau-Kreis


Latitude (WGS84): 48.55° N

Longitude (WGS84): 10.184° E


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Rammingen: 10.1667° / 10° 10' 0'' E; 48.5167° / 48° 31' 0'' N


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Bibliography: Fraas 1862; Hahn, Müller-Beck & Taute 1985; Beck 1999

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The site is located in between the caves Vogelherd and Bockstein, down in the valley on the right shore of the Lone-river. The Hohlenstein is a cave system, containing two caves: Hohlenstein Bärenhöhle in the western part, and Hohlenstein Stadel in the western part, in between lays the abri Kleine Scheuer.


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