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Site Name: Grotta del Principe

Synonym Name(s): Grotte du Prince

Site Type: cave

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Chronological Abstract: Human fossils dated to Riss II. The fossils were found in a "crevice" ("brèche", Br2) together with artefacts, which were, despite their small number, classified as Tayacien. Associated fauna indicates cold environment, supported by absolute dates: more than 230 000 B.P. (human remains) and 210 000 B.P. (stalagmites enclosing Br2) (Cesnola 1996 refers to Barral & Simone 1984a).



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Country: Italy

General Location Description: Cave facing near Grimaldi, 5km from Ventimiglia, Liguria.


Latitude (WGS84): 43.783° N

Longitude (WGS84): 7.617° E


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Bibliography: Alhaique et al. 2005; Cesnola 1996

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Linked Pages: Italy - Neanderthal


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