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General Information

Site Name: Fumane

Synonym Name(s): Grotta di Fumane

Site Type: rock shelter

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Discovery Year: 1964

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Country: Italy

General Location Description: Riparo-grotta di Fumane, also known as "Stazione della Neve" or "Riparo Solinas", near the village of Fumane (Valpolicella, Verona), 350m asl on the left flank of the Vaio di Manune.


Latitude (WGS84): 45.592° N

Longitude (WGS84): 10.905° E

Altitude: 350m

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Bibliography: Alhaique et al. 2005; Cesnola 1996; Cremaschi 1992; Peresani 1998; Higham et al 2009; Higham 2011; Peresani et al. 2011

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Linked Pages: Italy - Neanderthal


Additional Content

M. Cremaschi (1992) subdivided the exterior sediment sequence into two large units: the first and oldest one (layer 0-5: sandy soil with "stone lines" of corroded elements) and the second unit (layer 6-12: loess, rich in rubble beds, OIS 4).
The interior sequence is divided into units A and D, with Mousterian (A13-4), Aurignacien (A3-A1, D6-D3) and Gravettian (D1d) levels. Radiometric dates for layers A11-4 indicate an age between 42 000 and 35-34 000 years for the last Mousterian occupation, and between 35-34 000 and 32 000 BP for the Aurignacian. Aurignacian levels yielded numerous hearths post-holes, piles of waste and concentrations of ochre. Part of macro-unit A (A13-A4) dates back to the middle Würm.


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