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Site Name: Esquilleu

Synonym Name(s): Cueva del Esquilleu

Site Type: cave

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First Description: Munoz, Fernandez (1985): Yacimientos Arqueologicos en el Valle del Deva

Chronological Abstract: The Mousterian site Esquilleu is located in the western part of Cantabria and has 35 archaeological layers.



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Country: Spain

General Location Description: Cantabria, Castro-Cillórigo


Latitude (WGS84): 43.197° N

Longitude (WGS84): 4.603° W


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Bibliography: Baena & Carrión 2002; Carrión & Baena 2003; Maroto et al. 2005; Manzano et al. 2005; Baena et al. 2005b; Baena et al. 2005; Sainz de los Terreros 2006; Jordá Pardo et al. 2008

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