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Site Name: El Castillo

Synonym Name(s): Cueva del Castillo

Site Type: cave

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Discovery Year: 1903

First Description: Alcalde del Río 1906

Chronological Abstract: The cave, together with a group of other caves, is situated inside the mountain Castillo. The sequence, with nearly thirty archaeological layers, is providing valuable information about the transition, or replacement, between the Neanderthal populations of the Mousterian period and the Homo sapiens sapiens of the Aurignacian and later Upper Palaeolithic periods (Sainz & Toca 2003).



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Country: Spain

General Location Description: Cantabria, Puente Viesgo


Latitude (WGS84): 43.292° N

Longitude (WGS84): 3.966° W


GIS Precision: Map Site coordinates

Other Coordinates: UTM coordinates: 421785 and 4793955


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Collection Item(s): El Castillo - Wendel collection

Bibliography: Djindjian, Koslowksi & Otte 1999; Cabrera Valdés 1984; Arias, González Sainz & Teira 2003; Zilhão 2006; Sainz & Toca 2003; Cabrera Valdés, Bernaldo de Quiros & Fernández 2006

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