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Site Name: Cueva de los Moros de Gabasa

Synonym Name(s): Gabasa 1, los Moros de Gabasa

Site Type: cave

More Info to Site Type: Gabasa Cave has two small chambers (each measuring ca. 30m²) with remnants of human settlement located in the inner room. The animal remains suggest that the cave was used by humans during seasonal hunting, alternating with use as an animal shelter by hyenas, bears and cavern lions.

Discovery Year: 1988

First Description: Azanza et al. 1988

Chronological Abstract: The stratigraphy shows eight archaeologically defined beds. According to several authors, each layer corresponds to long periods of intermittent occupation as revealed by the artifact contents of the Mousterian period.



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Country: Spain

General Location Description: Gabasa Cave faces south at 150m above the channel in the headwater of the Sosa River in the Pyrenean foothill region of northeast Spain.


Latitude (WGS84): 42.01° N

Longitude (WGS84): 0.42° E

Altitude: 780m

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Bibliography: Azanza et al. 1988; Hoyos et al. 1992; González-Sampériz, Montes & Utrilla 2003; Utrilla et al. 2010

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