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Site Name: Cova Gran

Synonym Name(s): Cova Gran de Santa Linya

Site Type: rock shelter

More Info to Site Type: Cova Gran is a large, south-facing rock shelter located in the foothills of the south-eastern Pre-Pyrenees. It yields an extension of more than 2 500m².

Discovery Year:

First Description: Benito-Calvo, Alfonso; Martínez-Moreno, Jorge; Jordá Pardo, Jesús F.; La Torre, Ignacio de; Mora Torcal, Rafael (2009): Sedimentological and archaeological fabrics in Palaeolithic levels of the South-Eastern Pyrenees: Cova Gran and Roca dels Bous Sites (Lleida, Spain). Journal of Archaeological Science, 36, 2566-2577.

Chronological Abstract: The stratigraphy of the site contains several late Middle Palaeolithic layers overlain by three early Upper Palaeolithic levels (497A, 497C, 497D).



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Country: Spain

General Location Description: The site is situated in the province of Lleida (Catalunya, Spain) in a small valley in an upper Cretaceous limestone bar of the Bona Formation.


Latitude (WGS84): 41.929° N

Longitude (WGS84): 0.8° E

Altitude: 385m

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Bibliography: Benito Calvo et al. 2009; Martínez Moreno et al. 2010; Martínez Moreno et al. 2012

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Linked Pages: Wikipedia_Cova Gran de Santa Linya


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