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Site Name: Ciota Ciara, Monte Fenera

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Site Type: cave

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Discovery Year: 1955

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Country: Italy

General Location Description: Cave Ciota Ciara, 670m asl on the western side of Monte Fenera, left flank of the Sesia Valley near the town of Borgosesia.


Latitude (WGS84): 45.71° N

Longitude (WGS84): 8.278° E

Altitude: 670m

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Bibliography: Alhaique et al. 2005

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Linked Pages: Italy - Neanderthal


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Neanderthal remains (Mottura 1980; Giacobini 1992) were found in disturbed layers and associated with a quartzite industry near the SW entrance.
Layers E to A, consisting of silty, clayey colluvium soil indicating humid climate, are attributed to the beginning of the Würm. Fauna consists of bear, ibex, aurochs, bison, and chamois.
Layer D contained a lithic industry (n=64) dominantly made out of quartz and classified as Mousterian typique with many scrapers, denticulates and a non-Levallois reduction. Chronology and palaeoenvironmental setting are still unknown.


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