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Site Name: Altamura

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Site Type: cave

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Discovery Year: 1993

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Country: Italy

General Location Description: Lamalunga Cave, karstic cave near Altamura, Bari, entrance opening at 455m asl (Martimucci & Perrucci 2000).


Latitude (WGS84): 40.878° N

Longitude (WGS84): 16.55° E

Altitude: 455m

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Bibliography: Alhaique et al. 2005

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Linked Pages: Italy - Neanderthal
Grotta di Lamalunga - virtual tour


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In October 1993, a group of spelaeologists exploring the Lamalunga cave - one of the numerous karstic caves in the region - run into the complete skeleton of a prehistoric man dating back to about 130 000 years ago. The man had remained trapped in the cave, which is part of the Altamura Murge area and is currently one of its most significant elements. It is made up of several galleries extended not far beneath the limestone surface, which is crossed by vertical pits.


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