Definition Age Groups

The Age Groups in NESPOS are defined according to
Szilvássy, J., 1988: Altersdiagnose am Skelett. In: Knussmann R.
Anthropologie. Handbuch der vergleichenden Biologie des Menschen, Bd.
I, 1. Teil, 423-443. Fischer, Stuttgart/New York.

1. Infans I:

Eruption of the first permanent Molar (approx. > 7 years)

2. Infans II:

Period between eruption of the first and the second
Molar (approx. > 14 years)

3. Juvenile:

period between eruption of the second Molar and closure of sphenobasilar gap

4. Adult:

First ossification of sutures and beginning of tooth abrasion (approx. 20-40 years)

5. Mature:

proceeding ossification of sutures (approx. 40-60 years)

6. Senile:

nearly complete smoothing of sutures, possibly closure